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The Best Arm Exercise! Just 6 minutes a day for Firm and Fab arms and a toned upper body. See what Shake Weight Zone users have to say!

Customer Reviews


I was impressed with how quickly I felt it working, literally minutes into the basic routine I was feeling muscles that I didn't even know were there! Looking forward to seeing some results soon!

Getting Stronger!

My grand daughter bought this for me to try and it was easy to use even for my 72 year old muscles made it to orange my first try! I'm not pushing it just use for a few minutes a day but I feel a difference each time I use it even in my hands so it is making me stronger!

The Light is Motivating

I love the light because it motivates you to go harder, go faster...about 5 minutes, I'm sweating, everything is burning...and it's super easy!

So far so good!!

As a full time mom I always felt pressured to be in shape, as the kids get older with busier schedules it's become even harder to do! I've tried a bunch of those As Seen on TV workouts but just couldn't stick with it or get them to work for me (who has 90 minutes a day anyway?!)I decided to give Shake Weight Zone a shot because I wanted to believe that a few minutes a day of minimal effort can really result in better looking arms. So on to my experience - when all the muscles in my arms started burning within SECONDS of starting I quickly realized two things: I am definitely out of shape and as silly as it looks shaking this thing is a real workout. As far as reaching the coveted "Red Zone" HA! I was ecstatic to even see a flash of orange, after many tries I was able to stay Orange for about 30 seconds before my arms could do no more. After 2 weeks I'm happy with the results I see and feel, I've had some flashes of red but am not quite there yet so I just keep trying to beat my record in orange. The video is great but I've found that focusing on beating my own "records" is more rewarding and inspiring.

This Pro-Athlete Agrees

I play polo professionally so that's a lot of upper body this is awesome in working the muscles that I use when im playing polo, it was really great. It gives you a really intense workout!

Customer Reviews

My favorite workout

I love Shake Weight Zone because it is so much fun to do, I don't dread it like some exercise and its so quick I know I can fit it in, no excuses!

Stress Relieving??

I was given this as a gift from my mom who loves her original Shake Weight which I've always thought of as silly nonsense. Anyway it sat in my closet for a few weeks until I rediscovered it in the midst of a manic cleaning episode....before tossing into the donation pile I figured I'd give it a few shakes so I did...and then I did a few more and then before I knew it I was shaking it like a mad-woman determined to get that darn light to stay orange and then red. I oddly felt so much better afterwards despite being kinda sore, I actually kept it and use it a few times a week

It's like a game

It reminds me a little bit of the game simon with the colors and its really easy to follow the video because you know your working as hard as the models when your light matches theirs, very cool

I did it!

I was able to get it to red a couple of times, super proud about that!

Shaking up the troops

I brought this to base figuring it would be a fun diversion during breaks, didn't realize my attempt to workout at work would be so popular, I barely had 5 minutes with it the first day but had lots of laughs watching the guys debate who got Red faster! I do use it at work regularly now and it's been awesome in keeping my arms fit!