Shake Weight® Zone - Frequently Asked Questions


What is Shake Weight® Zone?

The Shake Weight® Zone is a radical redesign of the Original Shake Weight® device but with the same goal; to provide the results you want with a workout you will actually want to do.
To accomplish this we extended the range of motion and weight ratio to maximize the overall effectiveness and incorporated instant, visual bio-feedback via a motion-activated LED ring with changing colors that indicate your current intensity level.

What is the benefit of bio-feedback?

  • Turns you into your own personal trainer by providing real-time feedback so you can evaluate how your body is responding to the different intensity Zones and determine how much further you can push yourself

  • Ideal for initial baseline assessment, continuous training and tracking your progress

  • Automatically guides you through an effective workout by simply monitoring the color of the light

  • You Zone into your workout instead of zoning out

Is it Effective?

A well documented scientific study was conducted at Eastern Illinois University by
Dr. Jeffrey Willardson, PhD, a leading authority on muscle conditioning and strength training. The study demonstrated statistically significant increases in strength, muscle mass and arm tone as a result of participants using the
Shake Weight® for 6 minutes per day over a 4 week period.

What is Dynamic Inertia?

Inertia can be defined as “The tendency of a body in motion to remain in motion unless acted upon by an outside force”. Dynamic Inertia uses these basic principles in a unique way to maximize muscle engagement by creating multi-directional resistance between your movement and that of the specially designed mechanism found within Shake Weight® Zone.

Is the Shake Weight® Zone battery operated?

Unlike the impression created by the rapid motion of the device, the Shake Weight® Zone is not battery-powered-the user generates the movement. The internal resistance and shaft bounces the weight back and forth, creating an effective workout that produces unparalleled results.

Recent Customer Questions

Can I take my Shake Weight Zone on a cruise ship?

YES! Shake Weight Zone is only 4 lbs and compact enough to fit in nicely with your luggage. One of the concepts of the Shake Weight was to allow users to workout ANYWHERE they want without a hassle so go ahead and shake it up during your cruise. Bon Voyage!

Is there a Men's Model?

Shake Weight Zone was designed to provide fast, fun results for all users regardless of gender.