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The Fast, Fun, Easy Arm Workout!


A Fitness Revolution!

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3 Zones to Automatically Guide Your Workout


The intensity and resistence in the Green Zone will get your muscles working in preparation for the more intense arm toning zones ahead. 


Once in the Orange Zone your arm muscles are actively engaged in the toning & tightening process. Try to stay in this Zone as long as you can! 


The Red Zone indicates the highest intensity and resistance levels, as well as a great achievement! Now, how long can you stay there?!


"I love the light because it motivates you to go harder, go faster...about 5 minutes, I'm sweating, everything is burning...and it's super easy!"

Jessica, New Orleans LA

"I was impressed with how quickly I felt it working, literally minutes into the basic routine I was feeling muscles that I didn't even know were there! Looking forward to seeing some results soon!


"In my whole upper body, my arms and my core, I really felt the burn, it was good!"

Jaime, Columbia LA

I brought this to base figuring it would be a fun diversion during breaks, didn't realize my attempt to workout at work would be so popular, I barely had 5 minutes with it the first day but had lots of laughs watching the guys debate who got Red faster! I do use it at work regularly now and it's been awesome in keeping my arms fit!


My grand daughter bought this for me to try and it was easy to use even for my 72 year old muscles made it to orange my first try! I'm not pushing it just use for a few minutes a day but I feel a difference each time I use it even in my hands so it is making me stronger!


"I play polo professionally so that's a lot of upper body this is awesome in working the muscles that I use when im playing polo, it was really great. It gives you a really intense workout!"

Chloe, Bryn Mawr PA

"My goal is to get the red for as long as possible!"

Lexi, West Middlesex PA

"I was able to get it to red a couple of times, super proud about that!"

Coel, Los Angeles CA